7 Essential Steps to Take Before the Movers Show Up

Moving can be exciting and stressful, whether alone or hiring Cheap Movers in Melbourne. Nevertheless, one must always get prepared.

Without a plan of action or to-do list, your work will become more frustrating and stressful, preventing you from enjoying your home removal journey.

Before hiring a professional house removalist or on the day of the actual relocation, many astute individuals create their to-do lists.

Even when hiring a moving company, questions arise. Relocations must be meticulously organized to be successful.

Hiring professional movers transforms any move, whether within the same state or to a new one, into a memorable experience. But to what extent should you prepare for the arrival of your movers?

When hiring movers to assist with our relocation, we must get equipped to deal with them. Movers can help you if you are concerned about what to do and what not to do before the move.

1) Create a List

List Sorting is the most effective way to classify and arrange items. Create a list of all the things you intend to bring with you. Create a comprehensive list of all the items you and your family will require in your new home.

Get rid of any damaged or unused items. Create a list of everything that must get relocated, reducing the likelihood that your personal belongings will be damaged or lost during your trip.

2) Establish Things Properly

Start organizing your tasks following your to-do list or exhaustive checklist. If you are disorganized, you may experience an increase in your workload and a decline in your productivity.

Additionally, you may be charged additional fees without your knowledge. Determine what will be packed by the movers and what you will pack. You should only bring flawless and secure items.

3) Always have a backup strategy in place.

If you are moving across state lines and are concerned that something may go wrong, having a backup plan is even more critical.

Planning for any indirect delays during the relocation process in a COVID-19 environment is essential. You can be at ease knowing that you and your belongings are secure if you have a backup plan.

4) Confirm your relocation dates with your residential mover.

The worst day is when you move in and discover that you (or your movers) misread the date. The house removals company and the previous homeowner must coordinate their schedules to ensure a seamless transition.

Consider the weather forecast and other variables, such as your work schedule, before choosing a moving date. Since professional house movers are available around the clock, you can schedule your relocation whenever convenient.

When speaking with your residential movers, use phrases such as “I am calling to confirm my move-in date of August 24” rather than “8/24/20” This will significantly reduce the likelihood of miscommunication with your home movers.

5) Before you leave, place your order

It is implausible that the property will be in “like-new” condition when you arrive if prospective buyers visit, and it is the foundation for everything else. 

You cannot leave your property because you get trapped beneath the dirt mound. Nobody who cleans up the mess immediately before leaving will likely leave something undone.

If you need more time or desire to clean, hire a dependable cleaning service. It is irrelevant who performs the cleaning as long as it gets completed on time.

A professional cleaning service gets required for every relocation. They can clean your home thoroughly and efficiently without wasting time. 

Professional cleaners are well-versed in various disinfectants and cleaning products and intimately familiar with which products work best on which surfaces.

6) Do everything by yourself 

You can prepare your home for the move if you help the movers complete their tasks quickly and efficiently. Assist your house movers by handling minor details within your control to ensure a smooth and efficient relocation. 

This will save movers considerable time on moving days and make their job easier. This ensures a safe and timely move to your new residence.

7) Before the movers deliver your belongings, prepare your new residence.

When things are set up before a significant event, they often appear magnificent. When all goes according to plan, there is little to no anxiety or sense of urgency. 

You can settle in first if you arrive at your new residence before the movers. This is because the delivery person must have access to your home to deliver the furniture and other items.

Because no professional mover can guarantee the precise placement of your piano, bed, or other items, you must answer their questions. So, arrive punctually and with directions in hand.

Wrapping Up:

Move-in after cleaning the house thoroughly. You can hire a moving company or enlist the help of friends, relatives, and neighbors. Cover the doorways with old blankets or towels as you rearrange the furniture to conceal any clutter.

Therefore, we recommend keeping everything in plain view so no one must guess where anything belongs.

Choosing a reputable and experienced residential moving company, such as Movee, can significantly reduce the stress associated with the preparations. Our services get designed to make the moving process simpler and more pleasant for our clients.

Professional Removalists in Geelong offer the most affordable prices on a range of removal services for homes and businesses in Melbourne. Contact our Melbourne customer service team 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for free price quotes, package deals, and discounts on our removal and cleaning services.



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