Steps and Stages in Mobile Application Development

What are the 6 Steps of Application Development? Process & Stages

Mobile application development is a complex process requiring much knowledge and experience to develop an excellent mobile application. The software engineer has to take care of all the steps and do all the processes to create any application, but why do you need to know about these steps if you are not a developer?

Knowing application development can be helpful for you. Suppose you need an application in future, and if you see the process required for application development, it will be easy to check your application.

Types of Applications

There are many types of applications that must be developed according to their category.

Some types of Applications are

Educational Apps, Social Media Apps, Lifestyle apps, Entertainment apps, Productivity apps, and gaming apps.

Educational Apps

These apps are about education, like teaching or solving any issues of the students.

Social Media Apps

We all know what social media apps are and use them often. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp are the most used social media apps worldwide.

Lifestyle apps

Lifestyle apps are the apps that help in our daily lifestyle, like uber etc.

Entertainment Apps

Entertainment apps have all the entertainment content like movies, Videos, Dramas, Series etc.

Productive Apps

Productive apps are the applications that can make our work easy, or we can do some practical work from them, Like Microsoft office 365.

Gaming Apps

Gaming Apps are another type of famous mobile application, and many games are popular right now, like Pubg, FreeFire, CallofDuty etc. There are a lot of top gaming app development companies that are building these apps.

All types of apps and software require different designs and languages for application development. And suppose you want a game and an ecommerce app. Then both have other plans. And both of them will build differently. And if you want an Ecommerce app, then a custom eCommerce development company will make those with a different strategy.

 6 Steps of Application Development

1. Planning

The first step is to plan. Planning is the first step and crucial step in application development. You have to plan and research your application market. And you have to search about how many users will use your application and which features are the most used among your competitors. See and save all the information for your app. Imagine which type of app you want to have and also research the most famous and used apps related to your business in the market. You must also choose which operating systems you wish to release your app. And you have to select your app approach according to the platforms.

2. Design

Designing is the second and most critical step in application development. The whole application depends on a good design, and if the plan is not good enough and not engaging or not designed according to the scale of the app, then it is difficult for that app to grab more audience. The whole application is made on the design, which is why it is an essential part of the app. So, if the designer makes a bad design and the colour, theme, or fonts do not match the app, the whole development process will be a waste of money and time.

 The project manager reviews all the mentioned features in the design and suggests editing if the design requires it. 

3. The Third Step is Development

After the planning and designing phase then, it is time for application development. Development is the phase where the design of the software becomes a reality. The project manager leads the development team. And the developers have to think about all the application’s technical requirements. And he should plan the development by making small targets, Outlines, or the work flow.

Many programming languages are available in the market. But the project manager tells the developer team which is the best language to develop this app. And it is the responsibility to choose the correct language according to the scale of the app. And how the developers have to create the app.

4. Software Testing

The next step is testing which, which is also an essential part of application development. Because the tester tests the complete app and sees if there are any errors or bugs, and they also check the app’s features and functions. If a part is not working or the page loads too long, the developers will fix the issue immediately.

5. Release your application

Now that the application has been developed and tested. So, it is ready for release in the market. And you should publish your app in the market and don’t wait for the app to be perfect because you can update your app and release the updates later.

6. Manage and Monitor

When the app is public. So, the process of the application development process is complete. But there could be some errors or bugs appearing in the application. So, to handle these, you have to monitor your application and update if any update is needed. An application needs management because sometimes errors or bugs appear. When too many users use the application. So that is why application management is critical.

Final Thoughts

There is a process for application development if the application is not developed with the process and the developers ignore the process. The the application will face many difficulties and errors. And these errors can cause different problems for the users. And mobile application development is not an easy process, and six significant steps are required for a good application. Many types of applications are in the market, and all the applications are designed and developed differently.

The six significant steps of software application development are:

1) Planning and Requirement Gathering 2) Design 3) Development 4) Testing 5) Release 6) Maintain and monitor.


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